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Parenting Tips from Surah Luqman

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By Anida Camdzic

The world keeps changing. Everyday life occupies us with the things we take as the most important. But do we place religion in the right place? Do we teach those close to us what real Islamic manners are? Or do we even stop ourselves and think for a while, are everyday errands more important than worshipping Him?

Life is a test and every new day brings a new obstacle to get through and survive. Placing religion first makes us happier, we are able to go through life’s challenges easier. Living in the 21st century is more challenging than it has ever been. Even though the advent of technology has brought many advantages and ease into our lives, on the other hand, it has taken its drawbacks along too.

Being a parent in the modern world has become more difficult. Islam teaches us how to handle everyday life, from treating our neighbours well, to upbringing kids.

The Qur’an has come along with Islam to give us those teachings and educate us in the world of parenting. Even though the Qur’an has the most beautiful advice when it comes to parenting, how often do we open it to remind ourselves how to be a good parent? Have we educated ourselves enough in the subject of religion to teach our kids what real faith is all about? Have we opened the Quran today to read one verse with our kids and do Tafseer on it?

Probably we have not. As the everyday life storm has come again and occupied us with its errands.

We are just humans and sometimes we fail.  And every failure should bring us even higher. Surah Luqman is teaching us beautiful things if you think you have failed to be a good parent or a good Islamic teacher to your kids.

Always remind yourselves of these 5 simple advices and remember to go back and read it all over again the next time you think you have failed to be a good parent.

1) Teach them every day to worship Allah

And [mention, O Muhammad], when Luqman said to his son while he was instructing him, “O my son, do not associate [anything] with Allah. Indeed, association [with him] is great injustice.” [31:13]

Allah, the most merciful can be worshiped in so many ways as His mercy is immeasurable, but how often do we remember His mercy?! Even though your kids might not reach adulthood yet, teach them to place Allah first and that there is nothing greater than His mercy. Once they learn to place Allah first, anytime anywhere, they will surely know that their parents should come after that.

2) Tell them the place of parents

And We have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination. [31:14]

If you fail to teach and explain to your kids where Allah as our creator stands in their life, you will never be able to explain where you should come. Jannah is placed under the feet of a mother and if you show your kids the steps towards making Allah satisfied with them by praying 5 times a day and fulfilling their duties towards Allah, then they will also come to understand why Allah has placed Jannah under the feet of our mothers.

3) Tell them to work hard and trust Allah

[And Luqman said], “O my son, indeed if wrong should be the weight of a mustard seed and should be within a rock or [anywhere] in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Indeed, Allah is Subtle and Acquainted. [31:16]

Nothing in life comes easy. It does not matter how good a believer you are, without hard work you won’t achieve much. Even we have been taught that we should tie our camel first, then rely on Allah. This is with regards to everyday life. Worship Allah, work hard and your dreams will come true, if what you wish is khayr for you.

4) Tell them to be good and offer prayers

O my son, establish prayer, enjoin what is right, forbid what is wrong, and be patient over what befalls you. Indeed, [all] that is of the matters [requiring] determination. [31:17]

Praying 5 times a day is obligatory and all good things in life come with prayer. If you want to be successful, pray. If you want your dreams to come true, pray. And whatever befalls you in life, pray because what Allah is giving you is the best for you. Hardships are unavoidable but the prayer will help you to go through it easier. Prayer will help you understand why you are going through certain stages in your life. And remember, you should never miss a prayer. Regardless of time, place and situation. Prayer always comes first.

5) Being a better individual

Following four steps above will teach your kids many things that will help them to be good believers, good kids, good neighbours, good students, and simply good humans. It’s crucial to be a good individual, a good human as many individuals create a community and more importantly, an overall society we live in.

Being a parent, always remember that you also should know where your place Allah so that you may know where your kids place you and how do they see you. Parenting is one of the challenges in life, but with the help of Allah and strong faith in Him, it can be the most beautiful thing we are going through.

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