Explanation of the Madinah Arabic Book 3

Brief Summary:

The Madinah Arabic Book Series is the most popular and renowned Arabic Course for English-speaking students to start their journey into learning and understanding Arabic. 

Following the Madinah Arabic Book Series (Book 1 and Book 2), Madinah Book 3 course is ideal for you to learn Quranic Arabic in your own time and pace in an easy to understand method. The courses will cover the famous complete Madinah Arabic Book Three. 

It must be noted that this famous Madinah Arabic Book 3, in reality, is studied at the Madinah Islamic University over two semesters. It is made up of 34 lessons, 17 of which are studied in semester 3, and lessons 18 – 34 are covered in semester 4. Alhamdulillah, Alkauthar presents to you the full book containing all lessons.

What you will learn:

Too much to be listed here:)

Who is this course for?

  • High School & University Students
  • Muslim professionals
  • Teachers
  • Public figures
  • Daee’s


Note: Madina Arabic Book 3 is a course from the AlKauthar Students Guild. Completing the course here will also give credit for the course to the Students Guild program.  Find more information about AlKauthar Students Guild here.

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