Explanation of the Madinah Arabic Book 1

The Madinah Arabic Book Series is the most popular and renowned Arabic Course for English-speaking students to start their journey into learning Arabic. 

This course breaks the mental block that the Arabic language is too difficult and out of reach! This course is ideal for you to learn Quranic Arabic in your own time and pace in an easy to understand method. Covering the famous complete Madinah Arabic Book One, it is ideal for the starter and a great refresher for the intermediate student.

“Learn Arabic and teach it to the people.” (Umar ibn al-Khattab)

This text is usually studied at the Islamic University of Madinah in 1 semester and consists of 23 lessons.

What you will learn:

  1. Introduction to the Arabic language
  2. Basic grammar, vocabulary and statements
  3. Understanding past and present tense verbs and their conjugations
  4. How nominal and verbal sentences are formed
  5. Rules of possession (idhafah)
  6. Understanding prepositions and their impact on the words following it
  7. Expanding on your vocabulary

Who is this course for?

  • High School & University Students
  • Muslim professionals
  • Teachers
  • Public figures
  • Daee’s


Note: Madina Arabic Book 1 is a course from the AlKauthar Students Guild. Completing the course here will also give credit for the course to the Students Guild program.  Find more information about AlKauthar Students Guild here.

Reviews (8)

  • buzzelljosh15

    Asalamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu. I’m loving the content, the pace and the instructor. Perhaps to improve, it would be nice if the font of the Arabic is larger on the video as its small on my laptop screen.

    I also noticed after doing two videos my progress still says 0% complete. Am I missing something or is it an error? Thanks a lot, Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

  • muhammadnoor

    Assalamu Alaikum :

    There are more Books on ‘Madina Book’ such as : Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3. All I see the Book 1 only.
    I don’t see all in this program. Please advice if the Book 2 and Book 3 are available.
    Regards. Muhammad

  • Farid Ahmed

    Walaikum Assalam,

    Book 2 and Book 3 will soon be available in sha Allah.

  • Faiz Ahmad

    Could someone please give me the email id for receiving the test paper.
    I remember the instructor mentioning it in one of the videos.

  • eblimalia

    I’ve tried so many online Arabic courses but none compare to this.
    Love the pace of the lessons, and the inclusion of lessons from Quran and Sunnah throughout the course is amazing.
    We pray that you cover all the other books as well Sheikh, inshaAllah

    Tip for those that struggle with memorizing new vocabulary:
    Try using this flashcard app called quizlet (link below: I’ve already created a complete study set for the Book 1)

    ✅ Minimizes need to take notes
    ✅ uses study techniques known as active recall
    ✅ repeats words that you are having difficulty with (and omitting those you know well)
    ✅ turns lists of words into games

  • ilandbreeze

    I look forward to learning the Arabic language with your willing instructor Bilal Ismail insha Allah

  • Adnan Faisal

    Assalamu Alaikum. I liked the line by line explanation of Shaykh Bilal. Really nice course. Whenever I fail to understand any sentence, I come back to this course.
    However, with due respect I would like to share 2 ways this course could be improved. 1) Shaykh sometimes continuously keeps repeating the same sentence 3-4 times, which feels unnecessary. And he adds too many MashaAllah, Alhamdulillah etc. between sentences. (This is my personal opinion only, somebody may like this style) 2) The certificate that I got after passing the exam does not even mention Al-Kauthar. Could you please add the name of the institution to the certificate?

  • monirmorshed

    I had purchased all the three books of Arabic Course for English-Speaking Students almost ten years ago, but could not even go beyond first few chapters. This is because the book almost impossible to go thorgh for a non-arabic student without an instructor.
    Alhamdullilah, Sheikh Bilal Ismail explained this in such an excellent manner that I could successfully finish the Book-1 end-to-end with almost 100% understanding.

    I believe this is a huge service to our muslim ummah. May Allah swt accept it from the beloved sheikh Bilal Ismail.

    JazakaAllahu khairan.