Explanation of the Madinah Arabic Book 2

The Madinah Arabic Book Series is the most popular and renowned for English-speaking students to start learning Arabic. Book 2 consists of 38 lessons and it will provide the knowledge necessary to understand and comprehend Book Three.

This course breaks the mental block that the Arabic language is too difficult, rather everything new and foreign is perceived to be so until one gains familiarity and that’s exactly what this course does.

Arabic is all around us and part of us but we still haven’t made an effort to study it?

We recite in Arabic in our prayers. We read the Quran and hear the ahadith in Arabic. We greet our friends and family with “As salamualaikum” and praise Allah with “Alhamdulillah”.

We name our kids with Arabic names and ask our parents to make “dua” for you.  We plead to Allah to make the last word we will utter in this world to be the most common Arabic sentence “lā ilāha illā Allāh”.

Is it not time we started learning Arabic?

Covering the famous complete Madinah Arabic Book Two, this course is ideal for the starter and a great refresher for the intermediate student.

“We have revealed it as an Arabic Qur’an.” [12:2]

“Learn Arabic and teach it to the people” ~ Umar ibn al-Khattab

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