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What are you Striving for?! It’s only Dunya

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By Anida Camdzic

Rainy Friday morning. Getting late as every morning and rushing through the crowds to get in the office on time. Someone pushed me away while getting off the bus making me upset. It all happened for a reason. As I was being turned aside by the guy who was, guess, running also somewhere late, I saw a blind lady trying to cross the street. As I was trying to get my way, and getting away, I have realized there was someone, to whom no one paid attention. I stopped and turned back. She still was there, at the sidewalk, trying to get on the other side of the street. Continuing my way and not paying much attention, I stopped again,  turned to go back and help her.
There was another lady, already helping her to find the way. A teardrop went down my already pale face of sleepless nights and never-ending thoughts. There was a huge knot in my throat, which had destroyed my whole, supposedly to be a blessed Friday.

Has the Dunya made me too obsessed and busy with itself, that Allah has sent someone in front of my eyes, who might have made my way to Jannah, and I have left it? Have I lost the good deed, that could have raised my status in front of Almighty?

I was terribly hurt by myself being so selfish and being so dunya oriented. On the way to the office, I kept repeating “La hawla we la kuvvata”, just to release myself the pain a little bit. It did not happen. I could not stop thinking of it.

Have you ever caught yourself in such a situation? I believe there were times when you realized how wrong have you been, but I more believe that there were much more situations when you did replace Akhirah with Dunya, and never got to realize that you have done it.

Judge only yourself. Be rough and strict only to yourself. Strive to perfect your Imaan while helping those around you and not making your relations with the Dunya stronger.
“This Dunya is worth nothing and as it might have only be a vehicle to get you help closer to The Lord, it has no other purpose.”

I strongly doubt that Allah will ask you, had you been getting to the office by a Ferrari, train, or a personal driver, had you wore branded clothes or were you being just humble and served others?!

There are times when I am afraid to tell my so called friends, do you fear Allah will judge you for doing that? People usually leave when you try approach and convince that this Dunya has no worth. It is just a delusion. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

Just tomorrow your bed might be your grave, are you ready to spend your nights there? To make it your eternal home?

Dear friends, my last wish is to impose my opinions and thinking on you, but my greatest wish is to meet and have you in Heaven.
I might not be perfect and will never be, I am just a human, but I am truly happy to have those who remind me of Him every time. I truly appreciate and love those who send me a message and write: It is Friday,  do not forget your duas today.

I do not think that you are marked by the people you meet, but I believe they can have a great impact on you. Thus, surround yourself with those who fear Allah, who remind you of Him, and make you ponder over His mercy and power.

Remember, you may not see the night so be aware of your surroundings. Do not expect to die on Sujood while parting every night, and do not expect your last breath to be Shahadah, while your heart hosts music every morning and night.

Your heart does not have a place for both, for music and Qur’an. Be wise and choose only one which will make you closer to Allah.

Do not depend on people, except having friends who will make your Iman stronger and your relationship with the Creator firmer.

You will never be truly happy without five prayers a day. You will never have a good day without starting it without Fajr prayer.

Get close to Allah before it gets too late. Turn to Him, as He always waits for you.
And remember, Allah has never left you, you have always been the one who turned away and forgot Him, and His Mercy and Love were greater than your mother’s love towards you.

Be a real traveller and make the best of your time while at Dunya, not by worshiping Dunya, but by obeying Him.

Love and respect others, do good and be a blessing in people’s life.

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May Allah help us to be among those who use our intellect to reflect on His signs, and remember Allah in this Dunya. Ameen.