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The Ultimate Reminder: A Study of The Qur’an Through The Life of The Prophet

By Umm Asma

Perth, Australia – Saturday 13th May 2017

Many a time we hear about the interconnected nature of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Whenever one is mentioned, the other naturally follows. In fact, they are part and parcel, that the foundation of our entire faith was established upon them. Our whole and perfect deen explicitly stems from them – together. Not separately.

There is no doubt, that “The best of people is he who learns the Qur’an and teaches it” (Bukhari), and we have all, surely, at some stage or other in our lives, experienced first-hand the inspiration and blessings which the light of the Qur’an has honoured us with. Not only that, but we also bear witness that Muhammad ﷺ was selectively sent to mankind, and has since been the epitome of creation, in every realm, be it spiritual, physical or mental. When asked about our beloved Messenger, his dear wife Aa’ishah RA said: “His character was the Quran.”

Ah… The beauty within that statement – simply unimaginable.

Our Prophet ﷺ was a living manifestation of the Qur’an. His speech and actions were direct, practical demonstrations of the integral semantics behind the honourable words and commandments of Allah, Most High.

This is where The Ultimate Reminder really opened my eyes. The study of the Qur’an transformed beyond memorization. It was even beyond the commentary of the scholars. The course provided an exclusive perspective into the journey which our blessed Prophet ﷺ encountered throughout receiving the revelation.

The course started by briefly summarising the 3-stage process of revelation. Then, from the first days, when He ﷺ was alone in that cave. From the infamous time when he heard “Read”, we ventured along with As-Sadiq Al-Ameen during his difficulties in the Meccan era. The era whereby the Prophet ﷺ preached the Oneness of Allah, Most High. The Qur’an descends on our blessed Prophet to inform him regarding matters of the unseen. The ayahs which described Jannah (Paradise), made people’s hearts yearn for it, and those pertaining to Jahannam (hell) cautioned from it.

13 years later in the lifetime of the Prophet ﷺ, the impact of the Ansaar (helpers) of Madina, as well as the hypocrites and Jews at that time was shown through the Qur’an. As a result, we could appreciate, sincerely, how our history impacts our present. Imam Aarij Anwer, whose passion and specialty is Qur’anic studies, took special care in highlighting relevant issues to our daily lives in detail.

The context and stories painted the entire scenario of the revelation of certain verses. We were mesmerised by the insightful knowledge of the Sheikh, as he deconstructed the Seerah and verses from the Qur’an relating to the major battles in Islam and The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. That is when we discovered the similarities and differences between revelations which occurred in the Makkan era, versus the Madinan era.

Finally, the course was concluded with renewed intentions, beneficial reminders and a firmer resolve towards betterment, with the Permission of Allah, through enlightenment about the need for consistency in our Qur’anic studies. For truly, there is never an end to this beautiful wealth of knowledge and enriching path – the study of the Qur’an and Seerah.

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May Allah SWT give us the blessing to walk on the path of knowledge and stay on that path until we meet Him inshaAllah.