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Seeking Happiness

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By Anida Camdzic

They say: “Overthinking kills”. And this time I have to disagree with it.

Deep thinking heals. Heals from the thoughts of being here forever. Overthinking makes you humble, takes away pride, and creates a human who seeks happiness in God.

It is not a trend to not follow your friends today, it is not a trend to be humble, pious and decent youth. It is insane to not wishing more, to not look for material things that would create your “ultimate” happiness.

I am writing this to you; to happiness seeker created of worldly desires and deluded pieces.

Your happiness is within. It is you who must believe that the only real happiness comes from your heart who is blindly subordinated to the Creator. And all those external matters that get you stressed and depressed sometimes are so temporary. Just stay patient, close your eyes and it gets over in a blink of an eye. As same as the world we live in. It is shorter than you can even imagine it.

And if you look for happiness in the temporary things, you will never find it. It is too short. It doesn’t last and you can’t hold on it. You can’t catch it.

There is no real happiness in this world. Thinking that your happiness is a huge amount of money, new make up and the latest branded pieces of your favorite accessories designer is a huge delusion. It is a deception.

My happiness is within. And the happiness within comes from the prayer. It comes from God. From The One who teaches me that there is Heaven, to where rough paths interconnected with a little faith and a lot of patience will take me.

Happiness does not start from your friends. It doesn’t start from your family either.

Being happy in Dunya, might make you the unhappiest person in the Day of Judgment.

To be happy means to feed your heart and soul.

But how do you feed your soul?

It isn’t a material thing. But it is simple. You feed it by obeying God, by praying.

When God says:

When half o a third of the night passes by, God descends to the lowest heaven and says: ‘No one asks more about my servants than myself. Who is asking me, so I can give to him? Who is calling upon me, so I can answer him? who is seeking my forgiveness, so I can forgive him?

And how can you still be unhappy? How can you still be depressed and saddened?

Only by missing a prayer your soul will not be fed. And your soul is just as your body. If you don’t feed it, it dies. It goes idle. And do not stay idle. Death is seeking you. Your soul loses strength and it goes along with the flow of desires.

And following your desires is dangerous.

Don’t despair if your heart has been through a lot of sadness. Sometimes that’s how beautiful hearts are rejuvenated.

Remember, that the best people in the world ever existed were God’s Prophets and they had been thru the toughest and hardest moments in life. And they didn’t despair. God loved them, that’s why He tested them by taking the most precious things from their life.

And when the One who created everything takes something from us we sorrow. We get into a deep sorrow and we think that the worlds have fallen apart.

How weak believers we are. How tiny our faith is and how big our expectations and desires are.

Be happy through seeking ultimate happiness in God’s satisfaction. Whatever He sends to you, embrace it by both hands and be happy. Everything He sends down to you is a gift. And be thankful on every gift received.

Life is too short for finding happiness in the things that do not last.

Love God and your heart will be happy. It will be fulfilled by happiness in the world that is temporary and save happiness for you in the place which will be your eternal home.