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Miracles Dwell in The Invisible

By Anida Camdzic

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All my life I have been searching for something. I have been discovering where the real happiness is hidden and who am I?

I was searching for God and the way to purify my heart.

After life gives you trials, battles and struggles you come to realize that everything that bothers you is lying within you.

Happiness, bitterness, laugh and tears…it all comes within. But as everything in life, this also needs time to find its way out.

Being a human brings shortcomings and imperfections. So am I. Imperfect, perish and sinful.

So many times life gets us down, but still there is something that helps us get up after being hurt, devastated and left.

It is Him. God. The One and Only. For whom I was looking whole my life. To cherish me, brighten my life, and help me keep going. To give me a hand when people scorned and underrated me.

Have you also been looking for such a hand? Have you found Him?

If not, you have been looking for Him at the wrong places. You have been looking for Him in people who can’t make you happy. People are perishable as well as this world is. You have been looking for Him in Saturday nights’ hanging outs. You have been looking for Him on vacations while trying to escape from people who make you breathe harder. In a hand that is here for a while, in a friend who also has her tribulations. In people, who might want, but can’t help you.

You have been looking for Him at the places He will never be found.

Do look for God in the things that will always last. Do look for Him in prayers.

Do look for Him at the last part of the night when you will surely find Him.

Lift your hands and ask impossible things. He will make it possible. Ask for the things you need. He will give you. He is ashamed to not reply on your call, even though you always ignore His calls. His messages.

Still do not give up. Even if you were the greatest sinner, His Mercy is above it all.

He will always answer your calls. He will always reply your messages. And open His book. All answers are hidden there.

Ask Him to reunite you with those you love as He is the only One who knows what your soul is hiding and for whom your heart is bleeding.

Be persistent in asking His forgiveness and all your wishes will come true. He will give you the things you don’t even ask for.

Just don’t leave Him. Don’t look for Him at the places where He never comes.

Raise your hands and let Him pick you up while wading through the rough waters of the storm of life.

And remember, if you haven’t find Him yet, look at the right places you haven’t been yet. He will find you there.

“There is nothing like Him, but He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.” (Quran 42:11)