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QA: Is there a Sunnah way to cut nails? Please educate us.

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Our beloved Messenger ﷺ used to love beginning with his right side as taught to us by our mother Aisha (ra) in an authentic narration found in both Saheeh alBukhaari and Saheeh Muslim. She says (ra): “The Messenger of Allah ﷺ liked to begin with the right side when putting on his shoes, dismounting (from his camel), when cleaning himself, and in all things.”...

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My AlKauthar Experience – Volunteering

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Last weekend I volunteered for AlKauthar’s course; Eternal Home in Kuala Lumpur, which discussed mainly on Jannah & Jahannam. SubhanAllah, may Allah bless Sheikh Daood Butt for coming all the way from Canada to Malaysia just to spend this weekend full of beneficial knowledge with us. ...

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