A-Z of Love and Mercy: The Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce

The Shariah has clarified to us so many principles and mannerisms, that we need to lead a blessed, happy life with our true soul mate.  A-Z of Love and Mercy discusses the building blocks you need build a blessed marriage, touching on everything you need to know about the rules and regulations of Marriage & Divorce. From the manners of proposing, to the marriage contract, zina, wedlock and a clear, detailed understanding of divorce, khula and the aftermath such as child custody.

What you will learn:

  1. Learn all about the rulings of marriage, the marriage proposal, the pillars of marriage and its details: The Fiqh of Marriage.
  2. Learn all about the women that are forbidden to get married to and about their level of dependance on their wali.
  3. Learn in detail about the rulings of divorce and its intricacies.
  4. Learn all about the Iddah and its rulings, and the khula and its rulings.
  5. Clarify a number of misunderstandings regarding marriage and divorce laws in Islam.
  6. Have a good idea about the rulings regarding some of the most important modern issues that plague our society in the matters of marriage and divorce.
  7. Appreciate the comprehensive nature of our Shariah.

Who is this course for?

  • High School & University Students
  • Couples
  • Imams
  • New Muslims

Reviews (2)

  • rosedollkitty

    Excellent course; every person considering marriage, or divorce, or is a young adult should take this course- it clears up so many matters.

  • Ali Chahbar

    fantastic course