Their Beautiful Meanings & Life Changing Benefits

“He is Allah, the Creator, the Originator, The Fashioner, to Him belong the most beautiful names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, do declare His praises and glory. And He is the Exalted in Might, The Wise.”

(Qur’an 59:24)

In addition to learning the names and their deeper meanings the course looks into how to use these names to supplicate to our Lord, using the example from the du’as of the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him). Enhancing our knowledge of Allah strengthens our relationship with our Creator; this in t, in turn, ases our faith and bring about life to our prayers and certainty to our duas.

“And to Allah belong the most beautiful names, so invoke Him by them…”

(Qur’an 7:180)

The 99 Names of Allah – their beautiful meanings and life changing benefits is important because,

1. The knowledge of Allah is the most important subject that can be studied and is the main topic of the Quran.

2. The knowledge of Allah’s Names is a way of increasing in love of our Lord.

3. It enhances our emotional connection in our worship and brings our prayers to life.

4. It helps us to appreciate Allah more and increases our faith.

5. It gives us an insight into the language Allah uses to describe Himself!

6. It improves our character through understanding how these names impact our life

7. It provides you with an invaluable tool in beseeching the creator in our supplications.

8. It provides you with a solid foundation to explain who Allah is to our family and friends.

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