Who is Allah? Is Islam the Only True Religion?

Is there a God? If so, WHO is that God? What does He want from us? Why were we created? What is the purpose of our life?
In this course we look at the basic beliefs of a Muslim. The fundamental concept of tawheed is looked into further and the three categories, Tawheed Ar-Ruboobeeyah, Tawheed Al- Asmaa’ was-Sifaat and Tawheed Al-Ulooheeyah are discussed, with special emphasis on Tawheed Al-Asmaa’ was-Sifaat; the Belief in the Oneness of the Names and Attributes of Allaah.

You will learn to

  • Having full conviction that Allaah exists
  • Having full understanding of who Allaah is
  • Having full confidence that Islaam is the true religion
  • Staying away from bid’ah (innovation)
  • Staying away from Shirk
  • Learning the methods of getting what you want from Allaah
  • Tips from the ‘ulamaa’ on how to always be happy
  • 10 minutes a day to increase our eemaan in shaa’ Allaah

Who is this course for?

  • Kids and Teens
  • University Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • New Muslims

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