The Fiqh of Financial Transactions

This course covers all monetary transactions from the day-to-day transactions that every person is involved in to business dealings and contracts. You will also learn about the various types of investments, payment options, loans, credit cards, bonds and all that relates to money. The principles learned in this course will enable you to deal confidently with money without fear of falling into riba.

Learn about a financial system that is far superior and more just than any current financial system!

“And Allah has permitted trade, but forbidden riba” [AlBaqarah: 275]

One of the most difficult and confusing issues to Muslims nowadays are the matters pertaining to the rulings of buying and selling. With trade and commerce having expanded with such rapid force, many are searching for what Islam has to say about it all. Of recent, a surge in global Islamic finance and the renewed interest in Shariah business law – requires us to understand the basic principles upon which Islam bases its ruling.

In this course, you will be introduced to:

  1. The Fiqh of business transactions
  2. Transactions and their classifications
  3. Forbidden contracts and their understanding
  4. The correct understanding and application of Riba (Usuary)
  5. Understanding Heylah (Legal trickery) and how to detect it
  6. Understand how the element of uncertainty may affect the validity of a transaction
  7. Principles of Halal investment
  8. Manners of a Muslim businessman/business women
  9. Comparisons between western and Shariah commercial law
  10. Discussions of the ten most popular modern business transaction – everything from:
    • Credit cards, roadside assistance, pyramid schemes, ebay, unlimited downloads
    • Deposit lay-bys, cash-back policies, modern Islamic mortgages and investments in bonds
    • Stocks and metals, laws on business and intellectual property, franchising…

Reviews (5)

  • Faraz Ahmed

    This is an amazing course! I learnt so much from this. This is something I will keep reviewing every now and then.

  • muddaserb

    Amazing course. Highly recommend for every Muslim.

  • armani_babar

    Excellent course, but what will make it even better is to have the facility to ask (at least a few) questions to course tutor, which is unfortunately not available.

  • ehsan.l

    Highly recommend this course. Great explanation on the foundations of business transactions, the wisdoms behind rulings, as well as clarity on many modern day aspects.

  • Asad Hossain

    Please provide me with the password to download the ebook.