Muslim DNA: Developing the Ideal Muslim Character

At a time when perceptions are everything, setting a good example is far more powerful than mere words. The Muslim DNA gives you the opportunity to take a practical approach in becoming the ideal Muslim by developing your character and triumphing against the eternal struggle against Shaitan. The course in taught in a manner that makes it relevant for every Muslim old and young, novice or veteran from East to West!

What you will learn:

  1. How to develop numerous inner qualities of being brave, soft hearted, open minded
  2. Controlling one’s anger and resisting Shaitan
  3. How to deal with issues of the family, including parents, spouses, children and the extended family
  4. How to be a person of distinction in the community
  5. How to attain the desirable and sought-after quality of taqwa
  6. The importance of keeping good company and being good company
  7. The rights each and every Muslim has on you
  8. The character of a Muslim
  9. The art of resisting the dunya and sincerity

Who is this course for?

  • New Muslims
  • Public Figures
  • Imams
  • Community Workers
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • High School & University Students

Reviews (3)

  • eyesie

    The content is superb, bithnillah. The website and material is difficult to navigate smoothly.

  • Faraz Ahmed

    Really good course.

  • Yasmeen Khan

    One of the best Al kawthar courses- for a successful person, family and community. Course content is amazing. Shaikh Yahya Ibrahim teaches like a mentor.