The Legacy of Ibrahim (AS)

Study the Life & Times of Ibrahim (as) in 7 sweet and simple lessons

What is included in each episode?

Episode 1: Ibrahim (AS) and his father

– Who was Ibrahim?

– What would his father do?

– What advice did Ibrahim (as) give his father?

– What arguments did he use?

– How did Azar, the father respond?

– What lessons can we extract from this story?

Episode 2: Ibrahim (AS) breaks the idols

– Which verses cover this story in detail?

– What did Ibrahim (as) ask his father and people? – What was their response?

– What excuse did Ibrahim (as) give for not going to the festival?

– What did Ibrahim (as) say to the Idols?

– What did the people do to Ibrahim (as)?

– What were the three lies of Ibrahim (as)?

– What lessons can we extract from this story?

Episode 3: Ibrahim (AS) and the tyrants

– Why did the tyrant dispute with Ibrahim (as)?

– What was Ibrahim (as) response?

– Why did Ibrahim (as) say that Sarah was his sister?

– Who was Lut (as) in relation to Ibrahim (as)

– What lessons can we extract from these stories?

Episode 4: Ibrahim (AS) and the power of Allah

– What’s the background to this story?

– Did Ibrahim (as) doubt the Power of Allah?

– What are the stories mentioned in the two preceding verses?

– What are some lessons derived from this story?

Episode 5: Ibrahim (AS) looks to the skies

– In which Surah is this story found?

– What did Ibrahim (as) say to his father?

– Why did Ibrahim claim that the Star, Moon & Sun were his lords?

– What is Astolatry?

– What are some examples of the legacy of verse 79?

Episode 6: Ibrahim (AS) leaves his family in Makkah

– Who was Hajar?

– Why did Sarah gift her to Ibrahim?

– Why did Ibrahim leave Hajar and Ismail in Makkah?

– Which tribe settled in Makkah?

– Did Sarah eventually have children?

– What lessons can we extract from this story?

For whom is this course?

This course is ideal for all Muslims who need the benefit of a structured course following a set schedule. This is a short, simple and easy course for busy Muslims.

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  • Ilyas Nanda Risqiawan

    MasyaaAllah, I get so many new knowladge about Ibrahim peace be upon him. Alhamdulillah, and jazakumullahu khairan for make this course free.

    Barakallahu fiikum Syaikh Bilal Ismail..