The First Kingdom: Rise and Fall of the Umayyads

Following the Khulafah Rashideen, Muawiyah (ra) ascended as Caliph of the Muslims and on his passing, was succeeded by his son, Yazid I, thus the house of the Umayyad family started the hereditary rule with 14 rulers which lasted till their eventual overthrown by the Abbasids. It was a time of conquest, civil strife and tribulation, classical administration and wealth.

The First Kingdom course aims to provide a deep insight to the life and times of the ummah under the Ummayad Caliphate and understand how our history was shaped under their rulership.

An empire so large, that it would take a traveller 200 days to move from east to west! From the corridors of Asia Minor to the shores of Spain the language and the laws of the Quran was studied in equal devotion whilst creating strong foothold for trade between 3 continents. The First Kingdom dives right into the rise and fall of the Umayyad dynasty.

What you will learn:

  1. The life and times from Muawiya I ibn Abu Sufyan to Marwan II ibn Muhammad
  2. The rise of Umayyads and Islamic expansion
  3. Issues of Legitimacy
  4. State and society under Umayyad Rule
  5. Achievements of the Umayyads – Arts, Sciences and Islam
  6. The incident of Karbala and the Sunni-Shia divide
  7. Eventual decline and causes
  8. The rise of the Abbassids
  9. The rise of Islam in Spain

Who is this course for?

  • Imams
  • Daee’s
  • University Students
  • Teachers

Reviews (7)

  • iman


    I was doing the course.
    Ma Sha Allah it is very good!

    However, there is no video upload of the closing lecture, isn’t there?

    Hope you can clarify.


  • rosedollkitty

    Challenging, and a confusing course, however, it brings to light a good understanding of Islamic history on a general scale; you will not walk away disappointed.

  • Umar Nuri

    Videos feel a tad out of order, especially near the end. Also, where is the conclusion? “Decline of the Umayyad Caliphate” cuts off too short

  • Jaber Hussain

    Mashallah great course and great teacher. This is the only institution I have found that provides a course on the Ummayads.

    The ending seemed to finish quite fast without explaining the death of the last caliph and without introduction on how the Abbasids officially took over.

    If anyone knows any other Islamic institution that provides a course on the Abbasids and Ottoman empire please email me on: [email protected]

  • khadija khan
  • Ali Hassan Khan

    Very informative