The Final Rites: Fiqh of Janazah, Burial and Inheritance

A matter that every Religion believes in: Sickness and death. At the Final Rites, we cover every aspect from the Janazah to the burial and inheritance. From how to handle family member falling ill, what to do in their final moments, to shrouding the dead and the burial procedure. The course delves into the matter of inheritance, estate, heirs and their conditions. No stone is left unturned at the Final Rites!

“There is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah, verily the pangs of death are severe!” [Bukhari]

What you will learn:

  1. Sickness and the final moments
  2. Death and its reality
  3. Washing and shrouding with practical demonstrations
  4. Prayer over the dead and burial
  5. The Grave: Events within
  6. Visiting the graveyard
  7. Benefiting the dead
  8. Related innovations

Who is this course for?

  • Imams
  • Community Workers
  • High School Students

Reviews (4)

  • ehsan.l

    Excellent course! The concept of Wasiyyah and rules of inheritance is one every Muslim should be familiar with. Sheikh Bilal breaks down the rules of inheritance in a simple way and makes it easy to understand complex matters. BarakAllah feekum.

  • Wendy Rollins

    As salaamu alaikum, the course was very informative and edicational however, I jave not teceived my Certificate of Completion. Please send the link.

  • imranmd.ali

    Great course. Made understanding inheritance easy and engaging.

  • Mariam Saibu

    No password for the final rites book, can it be emailed to me [email protected] I purchased the course.