Prayer Makes Perfect: Fiqh of Salah and Taharah

An act of worship so beloved to Allah, it is more worthy than the world and its contents: Salah. Prayer Makes Perfect: The Fiqh of Salah and Taharah dives straight into the most ordered act in the Qur’an to equip you with the ultimate guide to perform Salah and Wudu.

How important is Salah for a Muslim? Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: The five (daily) salah and one Friday salah to (the next) Friday salah are expiations (for the sins committed in the intervals) between them. (Muslim)

What you will learn:

  1. The rules of Wudu and Salah and its invalidators
  2. Tayyamum
  3. Menstruation and post child-birth bleeding
  4. Medical conditions affecting wudu and its ruling
  5. The importance and proof of Salah
  6. How to perform Salah with humility
  7. How to achieve piety through Salah
  8. How to pray Salah according to the sunnah
  9. Who is Salah obligatory for?
  10. How to perform Sujud as sahw and a range of frequently asked questions on wudu and salah

Who is this course for?

  • High School & University Students
  • Parents & Teachers
  • New Muslims

Reviews (6)

  • amimacapon

    Amazing course. i learnt alot

  • manzurahmed410

    What a wonderful course. Very useful and full of knowledge.
    Few draw backs: As an online viewer/attendee I did not feel always connected to the speaker since he was talking to the audience present in front of him. He was showing something on the screen, but in many occasion the camera did not move to what he was showing. More importantly I desperately felt the need of that handout/book that the Sheik was referring to.
    Overall: This was a very beneficial course and answers almost all common questions that a practicing Muslim may have in his/her mind while praying Salah. May Allah grant Alkauthar and Sheik Bilal Ismail adequate strength to deliver similar courses.

  • shenaz Altaf

    Alhamdulillah learnt a lot.
    Had no technical problems at all.
    Audio. Vedeo was very clear.
    Shaykh you dint show how to do sajdassahw exactly.

  • Raisa Alam

    Thank you Sheikh Bilal Ismail. I have learned alot from this course.

  • Ayesha Muhammad nawaz

    best course.

  • arauhaus

    An outstanding course that gives you a solid foundation.