Learn All About Salah and Taharah

The Prayer – The sign of a believer, the most ordered act in the Qur’an and the first to be judged by Allah. The act of worship that brings you closest to Allah and brings you to the true station of servitude. An act of worship that is more beloved to Allah than all the world and its contents. It is no wonder why the Prophet ﷺ wasalam final advice before his passing was The Prayer, The Prayer.

An essential pre-condition to prayer is purification. When the billions from humanity stand on the plains of their reckoning, on that appointed day there will be only one way to spot them. It is the believer’s mark – the signs of light from the parts of their bodies that they had purified for their worship of Allah the Most High.

This course will cover all aspects of the prayer and the essential pre-condition to prayer, the mark of a believer – purification.

What you will learn:

  • All about the ablution solution
  • Detailed discussion of impurities and its types
  • Modern methods of purification and their rulings
  • Medical conditions affecting purity and their Islamic rulings
  • All about the fiqh of menstruation
  • Understanding the importance and value of the prayer
  • Achieving piety and khushu (humility) in prayer
  • Pre -conditions of prayer
  • The pillars of prayer, its obligations and its recommendations in detail
  • The nullifiers of prayer
  • The adhan, the iqamah and the mu’addhin (call to prayer)
  • Sujuud as-sahw (prostration of forgetfulness). Answering the most important and frequent questions that people have about prayer

Reviews (5)

  • amimacapon

    Amazing course. i learnt alot

  • manzurahmed410

    What a wonderful course. Very useful and full of knowledge.
    Few draw backs: As an online viewer/attendee I did not feel always connected to the speaker since he was talking to the audience present in front of him. He was showing something on the screen, but in many occasion the camera did not move to what he was showing. More importantly I desperately felt the need of that handout/book that the Sheik was referring to.
    Overall: This was a very beneficial course and answers almost all common questions that a practicing Muslim may have in his/her mind while praying Salah. May Allah grant Alkauthar and Sheik Bilal Ismail adequate strength to deliver similar courses.

  • Aly Balagamwala

    I am unable to access the e-book. The link just brings me back to the same page?

  • Farid Ahmed

    @Aly Balagamwala

    The e-book download link is working.

  • Abdullah Ahmed

    the voice distortion is extremely annoying in some videos.