Home Sweet Home: A Proactive Approach to An Islamic Family

Brief Summary:

From those who are looking to start an Islamic Home and take a proactive approach towards a happy family, to the lovebirds who wish to improve or rekindle an existing one. Home Sweet Home is essential for anyone who is looking for the Ultimate Muslim Marriage Guide.

Councilors and Imams alike have noted the disturbing increasing phenomena: the breakdown of Muslim marriages. By going back to the basics, Home Sweet Home furnishes you with practical solutions you need to build a strong foundation that can weather the mightiest of storms.

Home Sweet Home is taught by Sheikh Alaa Elsayed, with 20+ years of Muslim marriage counseling experience.

The best of you is the one who is best towards his family. As for me, I am best amongst you towards my family (Ibn Majah)

What you will learn:

  1. The art of choosing your spouse and compatibility
  2. The “back home” syndrome in a marriage
  3. The rules of engagement and prerequisites of the marriage-contract
  4. Understanding communication and the Language Barrier Between Genders
  5. The duties of a Husband and Wife in a Marriage
  6. How healthy couples deal with their in-laws
  7. Anger management in a marriage
  8. The 10 Habits that Keep Marriages Strong
  9. The 10 Reasons Marriages end in Divorce and its solution
  10. The Fundamentals of a Happy Muslim Marriage

 Who is this course for?

  • University Students
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • New Muslims
  • Councilors

Course Content

Lesson 1 : Preview - Home Sweet Home

Reviews (6)

  • Rubina Inayat

    very inspiring

  • Monashara Asraf

    Maasha’Allah very informative and practical. Jazaakallah ghair.

  • Drakshan Ahmed

    Amazing course Masha’Allah! For an unmarried person, I’d say this is an essential course as it is very insightful, interesting and I can see how this course can be truly impactful insha’Allah. Also, Sheikh Alaa is an awesome instructor Masha’Allah! He makes the course engaging and he knows how to keep the audience listening to every word! Masha’Allah! JazakumAllahuKhairan to everyone at Al Kauthar!

  • gc10dency

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the instructor was practically in touch with contemporary marital issues. Also, the instructor was energetic which made the course engaging and enjoyable. The materials and resources provided through the course are extremely useful for future use. Would highly recommend! MashAllah.

  • Adam Abubakar

    Excellent training program as well as being a rigorous and engaging. I will recommend to anyone, anytime, and anywhere because it is one of the best courses I took in this subject.

  • rahman.rameez

    At times, audio was an issue as students were not using a microphone for their questions. However, the course content itself is quite invaluable. Shaykh Alaa’s style of teaching is endearing as always.