For the Love of Muhammad ﷺ

“To know him is to love him”

What do YOU know about the greatest man who walked the earth? What do you know about the last and final Messenger of God ﷺ to mankind?

Enlighten yourself on his life & mission through the study of 13 videos/audios. This is one of the best things you could do.

Episode 1
571 CE
Birth of Muhammad (saw)

Episode 2
575 CE
– Sassanid’s reconquer Yemen ending Christian Axumite rule
576 CE
– Death of Aminah
591 CE
– Pact of Chivalry
595 CE
– Muhammad (saw) marries Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
605 CE
– Ka’bah rebuilding & arbitration
610 CE
– Heraclius crowned Emperor of Constantinople
– At the age of forty Muhammad (saw) receives the first revelation

Episode 3
613 CE/3 AP
– Muhammad (saw) begins public preaching
615 CE/5AP
– Migration to Abyssinia
617 CE/7 AP
– Three-year boycott begins
619 CE/10 AP
– Year of Sorrow
620 CE/11 AP
– The journey of Isra & Mi’raj
– Aqabah I
621 CE/12 AP
– Pledge of Aqabah II

Episode 4
622 CE/1 AH
– Hijrah journey
– Bonds of Brotherhood
– Charter of Madinah

Episode 5
623-624 CE/2 AH
– Change of Qiblah
– Muslim victory at Badr

Episode 6
625 CE/3 AH
– Battle of Uhud

Episode 7
625-627 CE/3-5 AH
– Massacre of al-Raji
– Massacre of Bir Mau’nah
– Expulsion of Banu Nadhir
– Expedition of Dhat al-Riqa’
– Expedition of Banu Mustaliq

Episode 8
627 CE/5 AH
– Battle of the Trench
– Persian forces are defeated by the Byzantines in the Battle of Nineveh

Episode 9
628 CE/6 AH
– Treaty of Hudaibiyah

Episode 10
629-630 CE/7-8 AH
– Letters to Kings & Rulers
– Khaibar Expedition
– Umrah al-Qadha
– Battle of Mu’ta
– Expedition of Dhat al-Salasil

Episode 11
630 CE/8 AH
– Conquest of Makkah
– Battle of Hunayn
– Siege of Taif

Episode 12
630 CE/9 AH
– Tabuk Expedition

Episode 13
631-632 CE/10-11 AH
– Farewell Hajj
– Sickness & Death of Muhammad ﷺ

Reviews (18)

  • Maryam Kriel

    Subhanallah, I am in awe of the introduction to this course and how it transports one to the time where our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born and raised and I cannot wait to continue with the rest of the course. Jazakhallah for making this accessible.

  • Zainab Arif

    Mashaallah good and very informative

  • Zamira Thasherif

    Masha’Allah it’s very very informative & we are able to learn more about nabi SAW

  • Taj Afshan

    Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah beautiful course .I’m blessed that I become part of this course.May Allah everyone who is putting effort to deliver this course to us Ameen .

  • Fauzia Ehtisham

    JzakAllah alf….. going through this journey of forgotten knowledge… subhanAllah

  • khansa.nalir

    JazakAllah Khair

  • Razina Patel

    Assalam.Jzk for the opportunity . I am very sorry that I gifted some people twice. Who May I speak to about cancelling the duplicates and some errors with email addresses. Apologies for the bother.

  • Fathima Zahan

    🌴Alhamdulillah completed this Course with overwhelming pleasure 🌴❗️I learnt so many things which I didn’t know about our beloved Prophet🌴.
    I pray Allah grants you Sheikh good health good wealth and an extended lifespan to benefit your family and the Ummah 🤲🌴
    ☪️A massive Jazakallah khairan to one and all at ALKAUTHAR ❗️☪️

  • Bushra Haseeb

    Alhamdulillah such a valuable resource mashaAllah. JazakAllahu khairan wa ahsanal jaza fid daarain ya ustadh for your dedication, efforts, devotion in the love of RasoolAllah sal Allahu alayhi waalihi wasallam.

  • Rafeen Aarif

    Alhamdulillah I completed the entire course. JazakAllahu khair Shaykh for an amazing journey that you took us on. I enjoyed it more coz I’m reading Seerah by Martin Lings. So whatever I read, your lectures made me understand it even better. BarakAllahu Feek. Can’t thank you enough. May Allah accept your time and efforts. Ya Allah unite us with the Prophet (s) in Jannah. Aameen.

  • ealbinodesouza

    MashAllah what a great intro course Sr Bilal. As a new Muslim in Canada it was very informative for me so now I can read other more advance related matters books with a bit more knowledge. JazakAllah kheir

  • Mohamed Bendjebbar

    Masha Allah TbarakAllah very benificial

  • iffahchy

    Assalamu Alaikum. How do I access the ebook? It says it requires a password to open.

  • Sadaf Rai

    Amazing course! A few people have asked so the password is your registration email, or at least that’s what worked for me .

  • Ferah Altin

    Jzk khayr for a wonderfully detailed seerah which is explicitly explain with clarity by the Shaykh. Highly recommend.

  • Sheik Aly Mohammad Aboo Bakar Ibrahim

    Subhanallah after a tiring day it’s now am free and successfully log in!

  • Shaik Fathimoon

    Maa shaa Allah

  • Sameer Vallie

    Jazaakumullahu Khaitan
    Baarakallahu feekum