How beautiful was he ﷺ? What teachings did he ﷺ stress most? With the Ummah so far from his teachings, how can we reclaim his inspiration?

He experienced in his 63 years of blessed life more tribulation than a cohort. He, ﷺ , was an orphan, a widower, battle scarred, and unjustly outcast. He outlived many of his children and buried some of his grandchildren. He, ﷺ was defamed, mocked, lied to and lied about. He was poisoned, stoned, and had to witness his companions tortured on account of their faith in his Message, ﷺ . He ascended the Heavens and perfected worship. He ﷺ defended the weak and cured, miraculously by the power of Allah, the ill. He ﷺ epitomised compassion and comforted existence.

Join us for an unmissable journey through the life, teachings and triumph of the Chosen One – Al Mustafa ﷺ and fall deeper and deeper in love with Rasul ul Allah ﷺ .

This is not a study of the Seerah, it’s a study of his Sunnah!

This course aims to offer a comprehensive and relevant introduction to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ via a study of key four points: The Prophets person, his teachings, the struggle that he fought and his ultimate triumph.

Part I: The Prophet’s person covers material from Imam al-Tirmidhi’s reknown Shama’il al-Rasul as well as a discussion of the Prophetic Miracles.

Part II: In the second section the students will take the Prophet’s ﷺ teachings through over 80 Prophetic traditions.

Part III: Seven unique but interdependent stages will outline his struggle and a very pertinent and useful, 21 point, analysis of the Prophetic methodology for teaching and instruction will be offered.

Part IV: the Prophet’s Triumph will offer a study of the Battles of Badr and Uhud, the Conquest of Makkah, the Farewell Hajj pilgrimage

The course concludes with a discussion of the death of Muhammad ﷺ and the students are left with a practical means of embracing part of his legacy in the list of supplications he would frequently make.

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